Tuesday, April 12, 2016

When your truck breaks down in Costa Rica....

...be patient and wait for the locals on motorcycles with the proper tools.  

Our truck was deep in the rainforest and on a dirt road, when suddenly it could not make it up the hill.  The driver left the truck to get a signal at the top of the hill to call for another truck, but during this time multiple Costa Ricans stopped by on their motorcycles to offer any help.  It wasn't until about 90 minutes later, the correct tools came around and the transmission box was fixed before we were on our way to Puerto Jimenez.  

The students were happy as can be on the truck and playing catch on the road.  Meanwhile, Javier, Sarah, Hagee and Ribaudo were singing Adele's song "Hello" with lyrics that went like this..."Hello from the rainforest!"  Just another day.....Pura Vida.

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