Saturday, April 2, 2016

Reflection from Viola

今天已是我在哥斯达黎加的第5天,旅途已经过了一半 。还记得我们刚来的第一天,小的房间,大的虫子还有随处都能见得狗让我很不适应在这里的生活。然而,现在的我很享受这段旅途。

Today is the fifth day we are in Costa Rica.  The trip is already halfway done.  I remember when we just got here, I did not feel comfortable about coming on this trip.  However, I am really enjoying this trip right now.

Today we rode a boat to see dolphins and to go swimming. When I was swimming in the ocean, the water was super salty but the short relaxing time made me forget everything.  I feel like I’m in nature.  When we were on the way back from swimming, we saw a lot of dolphins.  This is the first time I have ever seen dolphins so closely.  When we got to school where we are building a classroom, the host families threw us a party. We also played games with the local children of Costa Rica.  I am very glad to have met Alisa and for her to be my host mom.  Tomorrow we are going to leave here.  I will miss her so much when we leave.  I feel good about living in such a good situation back home.  In this experience so far, I have learned a lot…such as how to be a good leader and how to communicate with people from other countries.  Cooperation is very important for group work. Everyone has a role in the group and we should all do our part.  I believe I will enjoy the rest of my time in Costa Rica and I really appreciate all of the teachers and students on this trip.  Everyone has helped me a lot.

Dear Mom and Dad,

I miss you guys so much.  I cannot wait to see you.

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