Sunday, April 3, 2016

Reflection from Peter



Today we got up very early around (5:30 am) because we have to go another place; everyone was very tired. I really enjoyed the days spent in the little village and helped them build another classroom. We all tried our best to help them with building the school.  We really want the students there to have a better environment to study. The new location we arrived to is much better; with bigger rooms, nicer food and better environment. We were walked around the jungles just after we arrived; we saw some monkeys and learn about trees.  Then we had a three-hour period of rest. After that we spent the afternoon by sea. On our way to the beach, we saw someone suddenly stop and look at trees.  We found some funny little monkeys on the trees staring at us, and we walked quietly in order to have a better view. I enjoyed the sea most because I grow up in a city which is located near the sea; the sounds made by sea waves calm me down, the beautiful blue sky and sunset inspires me….it is really unexplainable. All the things I saw and felt at the beach just made me energetic again just like being reborn. I forget about all my worries. Everyone enjoyed it, we ate coconuts, and took group pictures. This has been the most wonderful and happiest day of the trip so far and I am the team leader. I slept on a big rock at the beach, singing a famous song from my hometown and I recall the amazing memories spent with my father and mother, just like they here with me.

What I have learned from the trip is that I have to get used to cooperating with others and communicating with the local people even though we have the different languages. Regardless, I still can feel their enthusiasm and the hope to have a better school one day. The most valuable lesson that I learned is that I have become more tough.  Though the temperature is so hot and wet, I am realizing what life without a cellphone feels like. I am realizing that life has so much to offer beyond hanging out in a single room playing games the whole day.

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